Leathercraft Classes

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Looking to learn how to leathercraft and living in Western Australia? Western Leathercraft runs Saturday morning classes at the Perth Artifactory in Osborne Park, Perth. Prices vary depending on the type of class and include:
* Beginner’s Leathercraft
* Introduction to Leather Carving
* Make a Dog Collar
You can book them here.

If you’re running a Classroom, a Manual Arts Department or even a Men’s Shed, you might be interested to know that we can run classes for children as well as adults and are willing to travel within the Metro Area. Contact us for a quote.

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8 responses to “Leathercraft Classes”

  1. Claire Neill says:

    Hi do these still run ?

  2. Allana Collopy says:

    Hi when are your next classes

  3. Angel Downing says:

    Looking to learn leather crafting, am in a LARP (live action role play) group, mainly viking era, so wanting to craft frogs, belts, light armory

    • andre says:

      Hi there, Angel. Sounds like you might be in Iron Valley in Concord like me? 🙂
      You can find our classes listed at ClassBento.
      Our Beginner’s Leathercraft class teaches you how to do most of the basic things involved in leathercrafting belts, buckles, bracers and such.
      Our Intro to Leathercarving teaches you how to do leather embossing. And if you follow it up with our Stitching & Dyeing class, you can even use these
      skills to make a medieval pouch.

  4. Yvonne Taylor says:

    Hi Andre when is your next leathercraft class. I have done the intro looking to continue the learning journey. Thanks Yvonne

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