Lift off in T-minus-22 hours.

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Market Daze at Murdoch University went pretty well yesterday and afterwards we had four or five SCAdians at Heavy Training for the College of Saint Lazarus. The student fighters got a lesson in “decision points” – which is a prelude to both feinting and guards.

Right now I’m getting pretty hyped up for the Perth Medieval Fair tomorrow. We’re pretty well stocked but I’m still waiting on several shipments of merchandise to arrive today to make the stall really fantastic! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! One of them that I’m tracking has been sitting in a warehouse in Perth for two and a half days already, and the only way to get it here today and not Monday is to pick it up in person. So I’ll be closing the shop for an hour between 2pm and 3pm today.

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4 responses to “Lift off in T-minus-22 hours.”

  1. andre says:

    Nope, we won’t need to close. Someone has volunteered to go and pick the shipment up for me. Thanks, Rachel!

    • andre says:

      And in typically “efficient” fashion, the package was delivered to my shop door just after Rachel called in at the depo in Welshpool to collect it. Little bit miffed that Rachel was put out, but happy the package is here in time. 🙂

  2. Darlene says:

    A magazine theme would make ur blog look nicer 🙂

  3. andre says:

    So it would, thank you!

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