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Yes, LARPing is well and truly established here in Perth. There’s the regular Tiasolen LARP (formerly “Perth LARP”) which is held for an afternoon every couple of months. And then there’s Geco LARP, which runs a Weekend game three or four times a year, and holds at least one afternoon game of some kind every month.

The most recent weekend long Geco LARP game was at the beginning of October. Geco’s sixth weekend larp, like the previous one, was attended by around one hundred people (roughly 70 players and 30 crew).  It included the first appearance of super-sized monsters – one 8ft tall Stone Golem who was wandering the Wildlands, and a similarly sized Iron Golem – a minion of the warlord Iron Terras, the major villain of the last year, who was finally defeated at the end of the weekend.

The next Geco LARP weekend game won’t be till March or April next year but their “BattleDaze” will still take place nearly every other Saturday. You can catch up with them on their facebook page at:

Here’s a sample of the thousands of pictures that were taken at the game in early October. Images courtesy of Gaynor McConnell, Carmen Boeing and Delia Anthony:

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