HAEF – The Historical, Agricultural and Environmental Fair at Northam.

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HAEF was held this Sunday, May 13th at a property on Jennapullin Road outside Northam, where the Northam Fair is held in September. You can find their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HAEF-2012/344059395616063

Though the turnout this year was down a little, the fair itself was a pretty amazing affair. There was an interactive display and fighting from Grey Company. A bunch of stalls including my favourite – a bottle stall with bottles over 100 years old selling for under $10.00.

I was particularly impressed with a display of restored internal combustion engines – some of them quite large and yet less powerful than a modern lawnmower. Though less powerful, these engines were built to last! There were also various Farming and Renewable Energy Displays, two or three bands playing on the stage and I’m probably missing out a bunch of stuff because I was running my stall for most of the day.

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