Good News on the Waproo Dyes Range

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Today I had a meeting with the Waproo National Sales Rep – the upshot of which is that I can now make “Special Orders” of Dyes (R/Oil and Spirit Dyes), as long as I am willing to buy in bulk. They still have a record of all the old formulas, it seems. After I restock on red and black, I’ll run a survey and see what you guys, my customers, are most in need of and order that next.

In Raven Oils, I can order Black, blue, brown, burgundy, cherry red, chocolate, dark brown, dark tan, green, grey, lt brown, lt green, lt tan, London Tan, med brown, navy, orange, oxblood, purple, red, tan, whisky, yellow and raven purple.

In Spirit Dyes, I can get just black, brown, dk brown and blue.


We’re now completely restocked on 1mm, 2mm and 3mm tooling leather. We also have in some more Aneline Cognac, which flies off the shelf. What’s more, we also have in something new called “Brown Lamb Bubble” – which is an unusually textured hide that looks a bit like the side of a rhino or elephant, yet is surprisingly supple. I’ve also been working on some unique belts this week that will no doubt appeal to the discerning medieval and steampunk customer.

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4 responses to “Good News on the Waproo Dyes Range”

  1. Peter says:

    25 years ago I could buy purple. Now I can’t even find green. Can you access green?

    • andre says:

      We do have Waproo Raven Oil Green from a batch we got in the last year.
      We also have some old bottles of Lime Green, though being so old its of varying quality.

  2. Leon says:

    I am looking for raven oil london tan is this still available?

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